Conveyor Belts

If you need conveyor belts, then you need to go with somebody you can trust. We have the people, processes and products you need for a smooth transaction at competitive prices. We will make sure you get a good deal.

As part of ensuring you get a good deal, we think it’s important that you get competitive prices. Conveyor belts are an integral part of the factory, so you shouldn’t have to pay extortionate prices to get a good product. We can work with you to understand your needs so that you get what you need at a reasonable price.

Part of what makes us so confident in getting you a reliable deal is that we have a substantial amount of industry experience. Combined, we have spent 40 years gaining more and more experience in this sector. This means we have a very strong manufacturing base that you can trust. Manufacturing high-standard conveyor belts comes naturally to us, and you’ll be able to recognize this by the quality of our product.
<strong>Conveyor Belts: Which Material Is More Durable?</strong></h4>
We have a wide range of stock that will be able to suit your needs. From general conveyor belts to nylon, polyester, cotton or temperature-resistant belts, we cater for a wide range of factories. But even more than that, we regularly carry out custom work. That means that we will be happy to sit down with you and figure out exactly what you need, then immediately get started on something that perfectly fits your operations. From start to finish, many customers beforehand have found out just how well this process works- and it will work great for you too!

Our wide range of stock is stored at our Melbourne warehouse and delivered nationally. This means that no matter where you are, we have local stock available to you easily and conveniently. Our smooth processes make sure your delivery is very likely to work properly.

So if you want conveyor belts done properly, priced competitively and processed easily, then you ought to go with us at Prime Manufacturing. For your own ease of mind, contact us now.

Conveyor belt types: EP, nylon, Cotton, Pattern, Cold Heat Acide Alkali, Oil Resistant and etc.