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Pattern Conveyor Belt


  1. Carcass can be made from Polyester EP, Nylon NN, Cotton CC, and Polyester Cotton TC.
  2. Patterned Belt includes various patterns such as “Cross”, “V”, “Doted”, “Crescent”, etc.
  3. Suitable for incline conveying.


Excluding the pattern measurements, the overall belt specifications and rubber cover properties of patterned conveyor belt remain the same as the flat surface conveyor belt under the condition of same carcass and rubber cover materials.


Conveying materials such as powder, granules, knobs as well as packaged materials at angle less than 40 degrees.

Belt Types

The belts include general use, oil-resistant, acid-alkali resistant, cold resistant, static conductive, fire retardant, wear resistant and heat resistant types etc.


In accordance to ISO/FDIS 14890:1999