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PU Sheet and Roll

Sanwei’s Polyurethane sheets and rolls are used as anti-wear liner and conveyor skirting.They are tailored to meet the demands of customer’s wear applications and help eliminate spillage and scattering of the bulk materials. As the superior abrasion resistant wear liner and conveyor skirting material, Prime’s Polyurethane Lining and Skirting will provide a significant improvement in the service life. Therefore, reduce the maintenance costs and downtime.


  1. vs. Metal: lightweight, low noise, better wear resistance, corrosion-resistant.
  2. vs. Other Plastic: elastomeric memory, superior abrasion resistance.
  3. vs. Rubber: better abrasion and tear resistance, higher load bearing capability, wider range of hardness.


Material Formula / ItemsPrime S70Prime L82Prime F82Prime FRAS82Prime H92
Hardness Durometer (shore A +/-2)7082828292
Tensile Strength (MPa)40.24442.441.148
100% Modulus (MPa)
300% Modulus (MPa)
Elongation at Break (%)810680680680580
Tear Strength (Right Angle / KN/m)54.968.365.865.896
Impact Resilience (%)4634343429
DIN Abrasion Loss (mm3)4050515149
Flame RetardantDuration of visible flame ≤ 30s
Duration of visible afterglow ≤ 120s
Flame Retardant≤ 3×108
ApplicationConveyor SkirtingConveyor Skirting & LinerConveyor Skirting &Liner (Flame Retardant)Conveyor Skirting &Liner(FRAS)Conveyor Skirting &Liner(Temperatures up to 120℃ )