Integral Attachment Roller / Bush Chain F Series

Bush Chain (B)

S Type Roller Chain (S)


R Series
Minimum Tensile Strength in LbsSizePitch (mm)Width Between Inner Plates (mm)Roller Diameter (mm)Bush Diameter (mm)Pin Diameter (mm)Plate (mm)Flight Attachment (mm)
19800C66.5 □ 306- 4LF1-16066.5▲19263022.2312.7306160102
C66.5 □ 306-4LF2-23023095195
C66.5 □ 306- 4LFH2-270270102228
27000C100 □ 406-4LF1-170100▲2538362416406170115
C100 □ 406-4LF2-225225104194
C100 □ 406-4LF2-294294115245
C100 □ 406-4LFH2-370370155255


  1. “▲” marked one are recommended sizes.
  2. “□” can be substituted with B or S based on roller and bush type.