Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

Comply with CEMA/RM, AS, GB standards for rubber conveyor belt.


Suitable for conveying materials in oily conditions.


  1. Carcass can be made from Polyester EP, Nylon NN, Cotton CC, or Polyester Cotton TC.
  2. The different features of oily materials determine the selection of rubber cover. The correct selection of cover will lead to longer belt service life.


UnitIndex Value
No. of Ply2-6
Carcass MaterialCotton CC, Polyester Cotton TC, Polyester EP, Nylon NN
Tensile StrengthN/mm160 ~ 2400
Elongation @ 10% Tensile Strength %≤ 4
Adhesion StrengthCC, TCCarcass Ply to Carcass PlyN/mm≥ 3.2
Cover to Carcass PlyN/mm≥ 2.7
EP/NNCarcass Ply to Carcass PlyN/mm≥ 4.5
Cover to Carcass PlyN/mm≥ 3.5
Widthmm300 ~ 1800
Lengthm≤ 250

Cover Rubber Properties

Tensile StrengthElongation @ BreakAbrasion LossVolume Change
Moderate Oil Resistant (MOR)≥ 14.0≥ 350≤ 200≤ +50
Superior Oil Resistant (SOR)≥ 16.0≥ 350≤ 160≤ +5


  1. Test is performed by using #3 oil. Test duration is 72 hours and test temperature is set to 70 ℃.
  2. Moderate Oil Resistant: suitable for wood oil, grain oil, animal oil, vegetable oil etc.
  3. Superior Oil Resistant: suitable for mineral oil, heavy oil, anti-rust oil, engine oil etc.